Patient Positioning Measurement with Cognex 3D-A5000 Area Scan 3D Camera

Patient positioning is critical for certain medical procedures, like image-guided radiotherapy and radiological exams, where the patient must remain exactly in a planned position to administer treatment and acquire images for diagnosis. Advanced 3D machine vision technology, like the 3D-A5000 system from Cognex, generates images that can be used by medical professionals to achieve sub-millimetric accuracy in measuring a patient’s positioning in such treatments. The 3D-A5000 Series Area Scan 3D Camera is designed to quickly capture high-resolution and highly accurate 3D images. It features 3D LightBurst technology which rapidly acquires images to maximize throughput. LightBurst technology casts a unique blue light pattern on a part to deliver a full field-of-view (FOV) 3D point cloud image as fast as 200 milliseconds, shortening cycle times for time-critical applications. 3D point cloud images are constructed from over 1.5 million 3D data points to accurately reconstruct surface features of an image. DISCLAIMER: Neither Cognex’s 3D-A5000 Series Area Scan 3D Vision System, nor any other Cognex System, is a medical device or accessory to a medical device nor is intended for diagnosis or treatment purposes nor has been cleared or approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration.


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